Below are brief one-liners of some of the interesting projects I’ve worked on over the past few years.


  • Create Ansible playbooks to migrate and automatically deploy Wordpress sites.
  • Integrate Ansible with a custom server deployment application.
  • Management and deployment of an estate of over 200 servers with Puppet.
  • Audit of an auto-scaling AWS environment using SaltStack.
  • Deployment of 40 servers using Puppet in a controlled environment in the ad-tech space.


  • Deployment of an auto-scaling AWS solution to handle UK front-page news.


  • Using docker-compose to deploy & host a high performance Wordpress site.


  • Deploy a multisite Wordpress installation to the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Write BASH scripts to regularly sync Wordpress live to staging environments.
  • Automated monitoring setup of Digital Ocean instances using Zabbix.