Technical Director - Bobble Solutions Ltd
Worldwide : Sep 2016 - Present

  • Providing Linux & DevOps support for a wide range of customers across various platforms on a Freelance basis.
  • Currently available for hire.

Systems Administrator - Anchor Hosting
Sydney, Australia (Remote) : Nov 2016 - Aug 2017

  • Worked as a remote member of “Team EU” to support customers based in the Asia Pacific region, supporting dedicated servers, hybrid and AWS solutions.
  • System Administration was done within a fully puppetised environment, with main configuration of LAMP/LEMP stacks and additional services controlled via Puppet.
  • Reimplemented existing backup solution for MySQL to be more robust and resilient upon identifying pain points of existing solution.
  • Prioritising and managing the remote team workload for EU based members upon departure of local team leader.

Open Source Team Leader - Node4 Ltd
Newark-on-Trent, England : Apr 2015 - Nov 2016

  • Following the buyout of Reconnix by Node4 my title was changed to Operations Technical Lead which comprised of overseeing the day-to-day activities of the Linux team, supporting the previous infrastructure held by Reconnix as well as any new and existing infrastructure of Node4.
  • Worked alongside other departments within the larger organisation to deliver excellent service to the end customer, including Networking & Cloud teams.
  • Further hands-on experience with enterprise products such as VMware to further compliment the Open Source skillset I had developed over my time with Reconnix.

Operations Manager - Reconnix Ltd
Newark-on-Trent, England : Mar 2013 - Mar 2015

  • Oversaw the research, investigation and deployment of Puppet across the entire Reconnix estate.
  • Promoted to Operations Manager in March 2014 taking on the responsibility of managing a team of 12-15, supporting over 400 servers.
  • Reimplemented Operational KPIs and targets to give the Board of Directors a greater understanding of the departmental workload, whilst increasing morale within the team with attainable targets.
  • Proceduralised the 4 largest time consuming tasks that the Operational team perform, allowing Junior Support Technicians to complete these tasks in the same or less time than System Administrators.
  • Working alongside other heads of departments (Development & Marketing) as well as the Board of Directors to define future plans for the company.

Systems Administrator - ForLinux Ltd
Newark-on-Trent, England : Jul 2007 - Feb 2013

  • Became the internal expert for the “Continuent Tungsten” product (Database Clustering Software) which Reconnix were the sole UK reseller of.
  • Redeployed backup solution following the purchase of licensed product, produced documentation for all other technicians to work from.
  • Training of Junior Support Technicians as they were brought into the company.